This popular Bible is written for children and parents. It ideal for children ages 4-7. Parents can use this illustrated Bible to read to their children. The text is designed to be enjoyed by children as well as the adults who read it to them. There are high quality pictures on every page. Let the real adventure of the Bible shine through using a solid children's Bible.

Parents should have realistic expectations. Don’t feel bad if you miss a day. Family schedules are busy in greater Boston. Sometimes a little hug, a short prayer and the words, “I love you and Jesus loves you more" share God's love with a toddler and a sippy cup as effectively as a little Bible story.

It's important to match your devotion time to the attention span and developmental level of your child. This book can help. Look at the Bible story through the eyes of your child and ask, “How will this devotion help her grow with Jesus?” Teaching your children is a marathon not a 40 yard dash.