Discipleship is about lives transformed by grace through faith in Jesus (Ephesians 2:8-9).

We've outlined important ingredients in discipleship that followers of Jesus at ConnectingPoint Church should take to heart:



We baptize all ages and stages at ConnectingPoint. Some of us were baptized really young, while others of us were baptized later in life, and some of us are exploring Christianity and have not been baptized yet. All of us, regardless of age, are broken by sin and unable to save ourselves. Baptism is really good news. Baptism is God's grace which is mysteriously and officially connects us to the forgiveness of Jesus and marks us a member of His family. For those on the fence about baptism please purchase Baptism Pictures of Grace for $0.99 on Amazon. Give it a read and then come talk to us over a cup of coffee.

If you or someone you love needs to be baptized talk to pastor Eric or CONTACT US to schedule a baptism. Baptism and instruction in the Lord's Supper are important prior to receiving Communion. For overviews of our beliefs on the Lord's Supper CLICK HERE and HERE.



We place a premium on spending time in the Word. Our sermons teach from the Bible and are about 25 minutes. We highly encourage you to join a small group Bible study and spend some time in your personal life reading the Bible. We have a number of great communities for you.



When we look at the way Jesus taught His followers we can see that there were different types followers of Jesus. Some were looking for the Kingdom of God and Jesus. Others had been journeying with Jesus for some time. If you're simply exploring Christianity we welcome you to observe, participate and make friends at ConnectingPoint. We encourage you to simply journey with us as we journey with Jesus. Chances are you'll be invited to enjoy dinners at people's homes, you'll open the Bible from time to time, and you'll serve your neighbors in greater Marlborough. Check out our COMMUNITIES area and join a community.

Part of observing and participating is worshipping with us on Sundays at 10am. Worship is a part of the rhythm of life for Jesus followers. In about 60 minutes we sing, we pray, spend some time learning about Jesus in the Bible. After worship you'll have a chance to make new friends and encourage one another around some great food and coffee.

Students in junior high school (6th-8th grade) are strongly encouraged to take part in the Confirmation Discipling Group. This 2-year journey offers students a chance to be discipled and prepare for life as an adult follower of Jesus. This discipleship group meets on Sunday mornings from 9:15-9:55am. For more information about this please CONTACT US.

High school students are welcome to participate in our youth group. You'll also have the opportunity to hang out with some great older adults that are happy to listen to you, mentor you, answer real-world questions and encourage young adults. Our high school group meets 1-2 times a month for Bible study and fellowship.



Baptized followers of Christ that demonstrate character and competency in being Christ-like servant-leaders help lead at ConnectingPoint Church. Leadership emerges as people observe and participate in our COMMUNITIES. Your commitment to this process points us towards new leaders that will go and make disciples of Christ.

Leaders serve in a variety of roles including deacons, Bible study leaders, Sunday school teachers and ministries that bless people in our community so that people can experience a glimpse of the Kingdom of God and begin their own journey with Jesus.